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I’m Markus Bertheau, born in 1981 and living in Berlin, Germany. Since childhood computers and computer programming have interested me. After military service I’ve always been working in (mostly) web programming. As I grew older, other interests have appeared; one of my most loved and sustained topics is foreign (natural) languages.

Since 2002 I study computer science and Russian language studies at the Humboldt university in Berlin. I have been in Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia for three years, from 2005 to 2008, and fluently speak Russian. I enjoy learning new languages – currently I’m learning Polish. My mother tongue is German. I have also had 5 years of French at school, but unfortunately I didn’t keep my knowledge of it alive inside me. It’s a funny feeling to know that I once spoke more or less freely in a foreign language, but now I can barely remember 10 words. I can still say “Je m’apelle Markus.” though :) (Update: I can’t write it though – it’s “Je m’appelle Markus.” as was whispered to me :) )

Another topic that I’m highly interested in is personal development. It started with a book by the russian psychologist Nikolay Kozlov “How to Relate to Yourself and Others or Practical Psychology for Every Day”. Most interestingly, the book (in Russian) is now available for free download. After that, through his polyphasic sleep experiment, I came to the web site of Steve Pavlina. His material had the most impact in my life. At first change was going on only inside me, but soon results could be seen from the outside. In January 2008 I quit smoking after 11 years of tobacco addiction. I hadn’t smoked for about 9 months before two times, but it was stressful and didn’t last. This time was different, and I knew within a few weeks that I wouldn’t go back to smoking ever again. I didn’t smoke since then. There have been other less abrupt but more important changes.

Currently I work for a medical technology company as a developer. The work is a lot of fun and in line with my interest in computer programming. I write specifications, design protocols and implement them and the server behind them. The work is on a lower (i.e. nearer to hardware) level that what I’ve been doing before, which is a great part of its appeal.

I also continue studying at the university, but at a quite slow pace. My main interest though is personal development, and this web site.

About this web site

This web site is primarily a means to provide content of value to others. There are two main kinds of material I want to publish. The first is educational posts. I start with a problem or question that I might find on the internet or experience myself and investigate it. Then I write about it in a way that first of all enables one to solve the initial problem or answer the initial question, and, secondly, also provides background and context that allows one to arrive at the answer to a similar question in the future oneself.

The second kind is practical solutions for professionals for problems that require knowledge outside of their main area of expertise. An example is an experienced flash programmer who needs to install Flash Media Server, but has very little system administration knowledge. He is not interested in becoming a system administrator, but only wants his immediate problem solved so that he can continue working on what he loves and is good at.

I’m always interested in other ways I can provide value. Please contact me.

I’m currently trading most of my time for money and use only a small part of my time for creating long-lasting, persistent value for others. Eventually I want to stop doing the first and focus completely on the second. The transition is going to be interesting and I expect to run into a few dead ends. But it’s going to be an incredible experience :)

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